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Innate is an indie-pop EP about love. The listener gets taken on a journey; the songs describe moments on which two souls meet and when they do, they bring their history, fears and hope. No-one stays, but everyone has made their own impact on the traveling lover. This EP is not about finding love, but about accepting the only thing you can do is: keep your heart open and trust your guts. It means you can get hurt big time, and sometimes you hurt someone else big time, but sometimes you need that particular experience to find new ways. Innate means: something truly instrinsic, a quality that happens naturally. This was how innate was created: in a very intuitive way. On moments I had just parted ways with my best friends or lovers, the only thing I could to was pick up my guitar and write. 

This EP is heavily inspired by classical music as well as by folk and indie-pop music. I used to play the violin for over twenty years, and went on tour with several classical orchestras. This EP is inspired by composers such as Prokofjev, Stravinsky, Brahms and Bernstein. Also, by bands such as London Grammar, Lana del Rey and Lianne La Havas. 

My projects are often a combination of music and film, therefore I directed two music video for the songs 'Subtle Air' and 'Gone'. Currently, I write songs about motherhood in both English and Dutch. 


Innate is produced by Alex Severino & Lou Kranen

Composition, vocals, guitar, percussion, moog: Lou Kranen

Guitar solo's: Alex Severino

Subtle Air Video

Director: Lou Kranen

DoP: Io Cooman

Camera: Io Cooman, Malou Kranen

Producers: Jonathan Buettner, Malou Kranen

Editor: Malou Kranen

With many thanks to Michaël Malzkorn. This music video is realized with the support of Kulturverein Beatenberg Filmed in Beatenberg, Switzerland

Gone Video

Jefta Tanate

Lou Kranen

Director: Lou Kranen

DOP: Eva Nijsten

Choreography: Oxana Chevtchouk
Make-up: Kim van der Ploeg
Grading: Thomas Vroege

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