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3D feelings 2D

This project contains multiple experimental videos in which is researched how the digital age changed concepts like love, music, and role models. The generation of so called millenials, has experienced a unique shift in history. We grew up with analogue phones, camera's and cassette players, until the internet and digitalism entered our universe. I believe that because of this binary experience, we have an interesting view on the digital age. We became masters of digital media, but can long intensely for analogue, endless summers in which no-one saw no-one online and you had to wait until film rolls were developed in a lab before you could see your family's holiday pics. Millenials long for true love, art and friendship, but often get lost in the endless possibilities and promises of apps, sites and online platforms. 

In this research project I investigated three intertwined topics: digitalism and love, digitalism and music and digitalism and role models. 

On love: we see a guy that believes he has found true love online. 3D Feelings that are projected towards 2-D images of an online dating profile. When boy and girl finally meet, feelings don't seem to be mutual and reality kicks in. 

On music: we used to take time to listen to music. LP's and even CD's were created with the intention to give a full experience, like a watching a film in a movie theatre. Since streaming platforms exist, we can watch everything at home, skip through songs, change genres at the blink of an eye. This performance piece investigates the value of live music on stage. 

On role models: I used to watch Beyoncé's videos from the age of 15. I was in total awe. She was perfect to me, but of course completely unavailable. I used to cut my bangs like hers (or did an attempt to), try to dress and sing like her. But nowadays stars seem to be so close. They have instagram accounts and DM's. They react on individuals that share content of them. Is this closeness real, or just another mirage?

3D feelings 2D is showcased on different platforms:

On love - Photography series 'The Girlfriend Experience' is showcased in concept store Charly's & Mary's in Amsterdam. Styling Lisa Dymph Megens. 

On music - This live performance was showcased on the 'Ego-Festival' in Den Haag, Royal Conservatory. Violin: Christina Buettner

On role models - This musical theater performance was showcased in the Koningstheater Den Bosch. Actor: Lou Kranen 

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